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Is your business secure?

Is your network and all your PCs, servers, laptops, tablets and smartphones secure and capable of supporting your growing business needs?

As technology allows businesses to work from anywhere globally, loopholes and vulnerabilities appear in these companies’ networks. A hacked network or security breach can be catastrophic to a business and often lead to the loss of important, classified information.

Let Keystone IT Connect provide your business with a free network analysis and security assessment. During this assessment, our team will examine your business’ entire computer network and look for key weak points, such as unauthorized users and devices, unmonitored internet access points, improperly configured firewalls, security holes, and unknown software installed to the network. During our network analysis, Keystone IT Connect may also be able to identify causes to slow network access throughout your business, allowing your employees to perform their tasks quicker and easier than ever before.

What does it cost?

There is no cost or obligation to your business to have Keystone IT Connect perform this free network analysis and security assessment. We utilize technology to uncover network and security issues without installing any software or diagnostic programs on your network. Most network analysis and security assessments take less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Industry-Specific Network Security Solutions

Keystone IT Connect focuses on five industries where we have countless hours of experience assisting business clients in organizing their technological efforts and assets.

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As accountants deal with sensitive financial information, they are a prime target for cyber attacks. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities for accountants can come from various sources, including phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and social engineering.

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Engineering firms deal with sensitive and confidential data that can be a potential target for cybercriminals, including client information, intellectual property, and trade secrets. A strong cybersecurity posture can help engineering firms build trust with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Healthcare Industry Icon


In the medical field, being unable to protect patient information is a violation of HIPPA compliance and can lead to costly lawsuits because of the lost data. By implementing robust cybersecurity measures, healthcare providers can protect against cyber attacks and safeguard their patient data.

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Cybersecurity is crucial for legal firms, as they handle sensitive and confidential information on a daily basis. Legal firms deal with a wide range of data, including financial information, personal records, and confidential client information.

Manufacturing Industry Icon


Manufacturing businesses use computer networks to control production processes, manage inventory, and communicate with suppliers and customers. Any security breach can have significant consequences, including production downtime, lost productivity, and financial losses.

Digital Shield

Essential Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Business Resilience

Prepare your organization for future needs and growth. Learn how you can secure your organization with our free guide to cybersecurity strategies for small businesses.

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