Customized Network Security Services for Businesses

Protect Your Network and Business Information

Is your network at risk? How would you know if it was? These are especially important questions to ask in the age of information technology. An intrusion or hack of your network could put sensitive business information at risk and cost your company a significant amount of money to resolve. We can protect your network security against an attack – keeping your data and assets safe at all times.

24/7/365 Network Monitoring

Our full-time Network Monitoring systems allow us to deliver increased uptime and productivity to your organization by providing real-time visibility of the health and performance of all of your critical business systems. This allows us to maximize your efficiencies and maintain the highest levels of business process continuity for your staff.

Identify Risks Before They Become a Problem

Don’t wait until electronic theft or a data breach impacts your business to do something about it. Keystone IT Connect will find these threats long before they breach your network, preventing them from getting close to your network.

Customized Network Security Services

We offer various security services to organizations of all sizes that protect your entire network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. Our Network Security Services mitigate risks before they reach your network, reducing security costs and complexity.

Digital Shield

Essential Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Business Resilience

Prepare your organization for future needs and growth. Learn how you can secure your organization with our free guide to cybersecurity strategies for small businesses.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

As cyber threats evolve, it’s your responsibility as a business to ensure your business and customers’ data are safe and secure. Keystone IT Connect ensures you’re meeting GLBA (financial institution customer information), PCI (customer data), SOX (financial information of public companies), and HIPAA (patient’s healthcare information) requirements.

Secure All Your Devices Onsite and Offsite

Ensure your business protects sensitive information stored on and transmitted by laptops, smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other portable devices. Keystone IT Connect can help you establish an Enterprise Mobile Management platform to secure critical data and protect against unauthorized access or potential threats.

Achieve Business Peace of Mind

Intrusion, hacking and electronic theft attempts against businesses of all types and sizes are increasing exponentially. Our Network Security Services cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your network, assets and data against external attack, providing you peace of mind.

Network Security Support at One Low Flat Monthly Rate

Keystone IT Connect makes IT easy. We charge a simple, flat monthly rate for all our services, allowing our customers to focus on their business while we handle the IT.

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