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Engineering projects require intense focus from the entire firm but also require real-time, seamless collaboration between engineers, architects, contractors, and project managers. With so many moving parts, in addition to the number of departments that play a role in each project, finance, project management, and purchasing, to name a few, organizations are presented the challenge of aligning all resources into one streamlined communication and operations system. Keystone IT Connect’s IT services for engineering firms can help navigate the complexity of these processes and allow your company to focus on the project at hand.

Keystone IT Connect understands that an engineering project involves more than blueprints, materials, and manpower. Day-to-day control and management of projects, labor costs, project changes, material costs, and work orders are vital to ensuring success. A properly implemented IT can make gathering and communicating this type of important information as easy as a few clicks of a button. Our services are designed to help firms move away from off-line spreadsheets and databases that require lots of time to maintain and distribute. They often receive incorrect or inaccurate information due to their lack of real-time updating abilities.

Since every project is different, Keystone IT Connect will work directly with your firm to develop an integrated IT solution that covers all areas of your projects, including bid proposals, phase management, accounting, inventory, and financial reporting. These tools will be integrated into your firm’s needs to boost business performance, project quality, and time efficiency.

Specialized IT Solutions for PA Engineering Projects

Each Keystone IT Connect Engineering IT Solution features:

  • Strategic objectives set by your firm
  • Information management and gathering
  • Integrated process and system implementations
  • Improved efficiency and collaboration

Keystone IT Connect – Your Engineering Technology Solutions Support Specialists

With each and every new project your firm takes on, your reputation is put to the test. Having Keystone IT Connect on your team gives you an information technology provider that can help reduce costs and increase the efficiency of IT functions while providing your firm with the data and collaborative tools needed to make jobs easier and more successful. With our IT solutions for the engineering industry, you’ll find that your firm can afford to dedicate more resources to the success of each and every engineering design and project. At the same time, your IT team works in the background to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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