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Comprehensive IT assessment and planning will help you better understand your current state of technology

Our engineers and consultants can help you develop a strategic technology plan that aligns with your budget, reduces costs, and improves efficiency. Achieve your business objectives by comprehensively analyzing your organization from a technology perspective, envisioning your technology goals, and implementing change.

Step 1: Evaluate your company’s IT infrastructure and systems

Because your technology plan will become a detailed, written document that connects your organization’s current use and future needs of technology to achieve your organization’s mission, it is critical to begin this planning activity with your Mission Statement and Services. This Statement will be included in your Technology Plan and will act as your compass when moving forward with Technology.

Assess your Current Technology

We will develop a complete understanding of the technology needs required to meet your organization’s technology goals by completing your technology inventory, including all hardware and software currently used throughout your organization.

Assess Internal Practices of Your Business

We will help you assess your organization’s current internal policies and procedures in technology training, security and disaster recovery.

Survey Staff Skills

This process will identify which staff members may need training and discover who can act as resources within your organization.

Step 2: Create your technology plan

We will utilize the information gathered during the envisioning and assessment process to design a technology plan to take your organization from its current operating reality to your technology goals. Your technology plan will address the following areas:

Identify Immediate (Critical) Needs

Your immediate technology needs will be addressed by priority. Critical needs are classified as situations that severely hamper or prevent the execution of activities key to your organization.

Review Hardware Fault-Tolerance Strategy

Servers and Mission-Critical Workstations and Devices

By ensuring that all servers and other mission-critical appliances are hardware fault-tolerant, we can significantly minimize downtime and remediation costs when a failure occurs. For example, when properly implemented, server hard disk fault tolerance can allow the continuity of normal server operation should a hard disk fail.

Review Data Fault-Tolerance Strategy

Backup, Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware, Critical Updates, Power Conditioning

Numerous factors have the ability to corrupt your critical data. Viruses, spyware, and other unforeseen causes, such as unstable or “dirty” power conditions, have all been shown to corrupt systems and data. We will review your current strategies and make recommendations to ensure the integrity of your data and the ability to quickly restore and access data in the event of corruption or disaster.

Recommend Efficiency Improvements/Cost-Reducing Strategies

As we develop your technology plan, we can suggest cost-saving strategies and recommend changes to your current infrastructure that will also result in improved efficiency.
Prepare End-Of-Life Equipment Upgrade/Replacement Plan
In many cases, replacing aging equipment helps reduce your costs. It is more economical to replace aging workstations than to upgrade or maintain them when actual physical labor costs are recognized, along with the cost of replacement parts.

Implement a Scheduled Maintenance Program

Scheduled maintenance should be a part of any organization’s technology plan. At a minimum, regular maintenance, when performed properly, will maintain service pack levels and critical updates on all equipment and ensure that hardware and data fault-tolerance procedures are properly maintained. A good maintenance program will also include remote network monitoring, providing economical 24x7x365 real-time analysis of your critical devices and services.

Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s never too early to address disaster recovery. We will help you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that you can implement immediately to get your organization up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster, service interruption or catastrophic failure to your environment.

Prioritize Technology Improvements in Phases

We will schedule the implementation of your technology plan in phases tailored to meet your organization’s forecasting and budgetary requirements, starting with your highest priorities first.

Implement Change

We will successfully implement each phase of your technology plan for you to achieve your technology goals.

Evaluate and Revise

Your technology plan will be evaluated and revised throughout each implementation phase to ensure the success of your technology goals.

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Alternatively, we are your greatest resource when you need a complete technology solution. From strategic needs analysis, infrastructure review, solution design, and procurement to installation, we can handle as little or as much as you wish.

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