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Streamline your business operations and increase efficiency – save time and money

Cloud computing is a simple, affordable, and fully customizable IT infrastructure for businesses. Keystone IT Connect is able to provide IT hardware, software, and data back up your business will need, all via the internet. Running your business’ systems via the cloud allows your business to skip on initial capital expenses for servers, hardware, and software, eliminates the need to hire in-house IT staff, and allows the business to scale their IT services up or down on an as needed basis. Cloud Computing gives your business back hours of time that normally would be consumed by IT issues and situations, allowing your staff to focus on key business objectives and core competencies.

Pay one low, flat fee per month

Cloud Computing solutions offered by Keystone IT Connect to our clients includes email, word processing, spreadsheet, CRM applications and more, all at one low, flat fee per month. We are able to provide each member of your business with the essential programs they need without the need for the businesses to purchase software for each employee. As the needs of the company change, applications can be added or removed from your Cloud Computing service. Keystone IT Connect also provides Cloud Computing clients with secure storage space for the organization, which includes email security and archiving, as well as data backups so that in the event of a disaster, you are able to access your business’ data and continue operations.

All revisions and upgrades are included

Find out how much our Cloud Computing Solutions can save your organization, and experience the tax benefits of converting your software costs to a flat monthly operating expense. Contact us today!

Our Cloud Computing solutions include:

Web Hosting and IT Support

Consider that for a business to be successful on the internet, it must have a reliable website that customers can access and utilize. Whether doing online business or providing important information to future customers/patients/clients, you need a reliable web hosting service that will allow these online visitors to browse your site effortlessly. Identifying a web host on your own can be quite a feat, especially while trying to run the rest of your business. Let Keystone IT Connect guide you through the web hosting process and get your business set up with exactly what it needs to begin to enjoy success from internet visitors.

Emergency IT Support at One Low Flat Monthly Rate

Keystone IT Connect makes IT easy. We charge a simple, flat monthly rate for all our services, allowing our customers to focus on their business while we handle the IT.

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