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Ever wonder what you would do if your phones went down for a day, or if you lost your sales records due to a hardware failure? IT systems are the heart of a modern business, and when these systems unexpectedly fail they can cost a business thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Protect your business processes with our 24/7/365 Emergency IT Solutions.

E-mail that’s always available with an uptime guarantee

In this digital era, businesses rely on email for just about everything, from inter-office information gathering to customer relationships to ordering and just about everything in between. If a business’ email server goes down, even for just a short period of time, it can have catastrophic results on the operational aspect of the business. Keystone IT Connect offers our clients Email Messaging and Archiving solutions that will guarantee an uptime of your email services and protect inboxes from the threat of viruses, malware, and everyone’s favorite, spam.

Safe and Secure Email Services

The business world is changing, and our solution eliminates the need to make large capital investments to protect and maintain secure communications between your staff and clients. Keystone IT Connect will ensure your business’s email is bulletproof. We guarantee that your confidential business emails are kept confidential, eliminating the risk of external access.

State of the Art Security Filtering

Keystone IT Connect utilizes state-of-the-art programs to secure and filter your business email accounts. Upon implementation, your business can create policies that dictate what types of emails get flagged as spam and what is allowed to pass through to an inbox. These policies can also filter emails with specific content, attachments, and suspicious emails that may be holding a virus. Our team at Keystone IT Connect is proud to offer an award-winning 99.7% spam capture rate, a percentage that most in the IT industry strive to accomplish.

  • Policy-based spam, virus, content and attachment filtering
  • Disaster Recovery mail spooling for five days with notification
  • Award-winning 99.7% spam capture rate

Message Continuity and Archival Services

In addition to the secure email services Keystone IT Connect offers our clients, we also provide archival solutions. These archival solutions provide clients with 60 days of full-feature email access in the event that your server is unavailable or down. Once the server is restored, messages are delivered and maintain the statuses of read, unread, deleted, sent, etc.

  • 60 rolling days of full-featured webmail access in the event your server is unavailable
  • Once your server is restored, messages are delivered and maintain the status of read, unread, deleted, and sent

Message Archiving and Compliance

Our hosted solution can be quickly deployed to fully comply with FINRA/NASD, SEC, SOX, HIPAA, and other standards.

Easy Administration

No need to install any hardware or software. End users can manage spam with Spam Quarantine Report emails. Administrators have complete control with an easy-to-use web console featuring role-based permissions.

World Class Support

Our support team is always available when you need them via web, email, or phone. We are here to help with 24/7 Emergency IT Support – a part of the Keystone IT Connect advantage.


Experience complete peace of mind for your business with Keystone IT Connect

Allow us to help protect you from threats and disasters, meet compliance requirements, improve efficiencies and productivity and save on costs while growing your business with our e-mail solution.

Emergency IT Support at One Low Flat Monthly Rate

Keystone IT Connect makes IT easy. We charge a simple, flat monthly rate for all our services, allowing our customers to focus on their business while we handle the IT.

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